The Math on Biden’s ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban…

Joe Biden is just fourteen votes away from his lifelong goal of banning the sale of AR-15s, countless similar firearms, and 30-round mags: effectively disarming the American people!

This isn’t a drill.

I need you to immediately sign the petition that we’ve prepared for you, calling on Senators Grassley and Ernst (along with your Congressman) to ‘VOTE NO’ on this bill.

First, let me tell you what’s happening in D.C.

Just a few election cycles ago, the Democratic Party would have looked at the results of the 2022 elections and understood that pushing gun control cost them control of the House.

But today’s Democratic Party is run by pure Marxist ghouls who hate gun owners and the Second Amendment. They don’t care if their party loses seats temporarily — they are 100% committed to disarming their political opponents once and for all.

And they are moving very fast.

Biden’s ‘assault weapons ban’ in the House (H.R. 698) has already amassed a staggering 204 cosponsors, just 14 votes shy of the 218 votes needed to pass the bill in the House.

The Senate version of this legislation (S. 25, filed by Dianne Feinstein) has the support of 41 United States Senators.

But what makes this situation SO DANGEROUS is that the Democrats on Capitol Hill are getting close to convincing a key group of RINO Republicans to support this bill.


If that happens, Biden will have the votes he needs to ban our AR-15s and mags!  

So even though Iowa’s Congressional delegation is comprised solely of Republicans, it’s urgent that you sign the petition that our team has prepared for you!

You see, the math is even worse than I’ve told you.

Biden has 204 co-sponsors on this bill. But hidden in the Republican caucus in D.C. are five backstabbing RINOs who stood with Pelosi and voted for the ‘assault weapons ban’ last year.

That means that Biden really has 209 votes in his column.

And what’s worse is that these five traitorous Republicans — Maria Salazar (FL), Brian Fitzpatrick (PA), Tony Gonzales (TX), David Joyce (OH), and Mike Turner (OH) — are working behind the scenes to find nine more moderates to join them.

There was a time when we could count on the Senate to hold the line, as it takes 60 votes to put a bill on the floor.

But those days are rapidly coming to an end.

In fact, it’s almost certain that if Biden can pass the ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ through the House, Chuck Schumer will ‘nuke the filibuster,’ meaning he could pass this bill through the Senate with a simple majority vote!   


The damage that this legislation would do is impossible to overstate. If passed into law, H.R. 698/S. 25 would:

  • Ban the sale and possession of the wildly popular AR-15 rifle and over 200 similar firearms that are specifically listed in this bill! Any violation would be a FELONY!

  • Ban the sale and possession of any magazine that holds over ten rounds of ammunition, whether they are used in a rifle or a handgun! Any violation would be a FELONY!

  • Imposing draconian storage restrictions on existing rifles and magazines, forcing you to keep them unloaded and locked away in a gun safe where you could never access them fast.

As you can see, this legislation wasn’t designed to stop violent criminals. They’ll ignore any new gun control laws, like they ignore the gun control laws already on the books.

No, this legislation has just one purpose: to make sure that ‘We the People’ are unable to possess the firearms we need to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government. 

And while these protections may not have been necessary here in America over the last 246 years, the last couple of years have reminded all of us just how tyrannical governments will become if given the chance.

Some gun owners have breathed a sigh of relief because both the House and Senate versions of this ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ exempt the rifles that are already in circulation.

But this is a trap…designed to fool gun owners.

The moment Congress passes an ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ they will immediately move to register — and then confiscate — all existing AR-15s in circulation. It’s their standard playbook.

And even if that weren’t the case, the details of H.R. 698/S. 25 would ensure that our children and our grandchildren would be permanently disarmed. We can’t let that happen. 

So please sign your petitions in opposition to this legislation so that we can show Senators Grassley and Ernst (and your Congressman) how many Iowans are opposed to this bill!


We can’t trust a thing that Joni Ernst says anymore.

Last year Ernst voted three different times to support S. 2938. This was Joe Biden’s bill that allocated $750,000,000 to bribe state legislatures into passing Red Flag laws. Clearly, Ernst is very willing to stab gun owners in the back.  

And in the wake of the Nashville school shooting, pressure is mounting on this legislation. Iowa Gun Owners needs to get more gun owners involved in this fight, fast.

In fact, we’ve already begun.  

IGO is working on a multi-pronged program designed to FLOOD Senators Grassley and Ernst (and our House members) with tens of thousands of calls against H.R. 698/S. 25. To do this, we are:

  1. Producing hard hitting digital and social media ads that allow gun owners to get the facts while making it easy for them to share the ads with other gun owners online.
  2. Working to grow our massive email and direct mail programs to mobilize as many gun owners as possible across the state.
  3. Using our cutting-edge text-based mobilization program to alert tens of thousands of Iowans about this legislation.

As you can see, Iowa Gun Owners is doing everything we can to mobilize an army of gun owners against Biden’s gun control plan.  

But unlike the gun-grabbers, we don’t have billionaires funding our fight. We’re funded by everyday Iowans who know that our country is teetering on the edge of tyranny, and who know that if we ever lose our gun rights, we’ll never get them back.

So after you sign your petition, could you also include a generous gift of $50 or even $100, to help us apply MAXIMUM PRESSURE?

I know I’m asking for a lot. And I know that I don’t thank you enough for your support. But the situation is desperate.  

If Biden and the Radical Left can pass this bill, then, over time, America will be plunged into the darkness of tyranny that has encased almost every other nation on earth.

And with Biden only being a few votes short of this goal, ANY betrayal by Republicans could end in a disaster!

So if $100 is not possible, please consider $50, $25, or whatever you can afford today!

Biden is ‘all in’ on this. And the Nashville shooting has led to an explosion of support for this legislation. So please don’t lay this letter aside.

Please sign your petition and a make a donation NOW!

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. Joe Biden is now just fourteen votes away from his goal of banning AR-15s, hundreds of similar rifles, and magazines that hold over 10 rounds of ammo!

And when you factor in the backstabbing RINOs who have said they’ll vote for this bill (H.R. 698/S. 25) it’s clear that our freedoms are hanging by a thread.

IGO is working to flood Senators Grassley and Ernst (and your Congressman) with calls and emails against this bill.


Help us! Sign the petition that we’ve prepared for you. And, when you do, please include a donation of $100, $75, $50, $25 — or whatever you can afford — so we can CRANK UP THE HEAT!