The Radical Left Hopes You Just Walk Away!

I’m getting a little concerned.

The General Assembly is kicking off in Des Moines in just a few weeks and radical gun-grabbers are gearing up for a major push attack against our run rights, but I haven’t received your membership renewal for 2021 yet!

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Any way you look at it, 2021 promises to be a BIG YEAR in our effort to defend our Second Amendment freedoms here in Iowa, with major political challenges at the local and national level.

Even now, a full month after the November 3rd general election, it’s still difficult to determine who will be in the White House next year, as court challenges are just getting started in several key states across the country.

What does seem clearer by the day is that President Trump has been the victim of a coordinated effort to steal the election from him, with poll watchers being kicked out of counting rooms and large numbers of dead people ‘voting’ in swing states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

And if the radical left — with the help of their socialist friends in the FAKE NEWS media — are successful in toppling President Trump, then the U.S. Senate will be the only thing standing between our gun rights and President Biden!

Of course, that assumes that the two United States Senate races that are headed to a January 5th run-off election in Georgia are won by the Republican nominees.

If Democrats Jon Ossoff and Rapheal Warnock win these seats in Georgia, then Michael Bloomberg and his gun-control crazies will control the White House, the House of Representatives, AND the United States Senate — meaning all bets are off!

But it would be a mistake to assume that gun owners like you and me can sit back and breathe easy if the Senate holds.

Honestly, given how much weakness we’ve seen from some Republicans in the United States Senate over the last two years — with at least six Republicans publicly agreeing to support ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ — we simply can’t sit back and blindly trust that the Senate will stop Biden’s attack against gun owners.

So won’t you please renew your membership in Iowa Gun Owners TODAY!

You see, whether or not the Senate flips, you can rest assured that Joe Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be doing everything they can to advance the largest gun control agenda that we’ve ever seen in Congress.

Some of the legislation they will take action on includes:

  1. A national registry of every gun owner in America!

Michael Bloomberg has been pushing this legislation for almost a decade, because before the left can confiscate our guns, they have to know where to find them. And ‘Universal Background Checks’ will help them do it.

  1. An outright ban on our AR-15’s and all similar rifles!

The AR-15 is America’s rifle. There is no better tool to defend against criminals and tyrants. That is why it’s the most popular firearm in the country, and that’s why the radical left wants to take it away so badly.

  1. Mental health check-ups for gun owners before every sale!

Patterned after similar legislation being pushed in states like New York and California, this bill would force you to submit to a mental health exam each time you buy a gun! This system is designed to allow government ‘shrinks’ to deny your right to buy a gun for any reason!

  1. National ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation!

This legislation is especially dangerous given how many Republicans are in favor of it. Red Flag laws allow liberal judges to confiscate your firearms through secret court proceedings and before you’ve even been charged, much less convicted, of a crime!

You and I both know that not a single piece of the left’s gun control agenda would stop a criminal or lower violent crime.

Background checks have been completely disproven as a way to catch criminals, as virtually every single mass shooting over the last decade was carried out by a madman who first successfully passed a background check!

Banning AR-15’s wouldn’t take them out of the hands of the criminals who already have them. And the truth is that AR-15’s are almost never used in crimes, despite what the media would have you believe.

Mental health tests for gun owners is an idea that comes straight out of the Soviet Union and Communist China, where dictators labeled political opponents as mentally defective — something the left would love to do to gun owners!

And we all know that ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures,’ seizing your firearms before you’ve been convicted of anything, is a blatant violation of our 2nd, 5th, and 6th Amendment rights, and would allow personal enemies (like a bitter ex-spouse) to ruin your life with baseless allegations through secret court proceedings.

But make no mistake, for the radical left, this isn’t about stopping crime. It’s about forcing a socialist agenda upon the  American people. And they know that before they can do that, they first need to disarm proud gun owners like you and me!

Don’t let them get away with it, renew your membership for 2021!

Iowa Gun Owners will be using every tool at our disposal to make sure that Iowa’s Congressional delegation is FLOODED with calls and emails before these bills come up for a vote.

But if that isn’t reason enough to get you to renew your membership, don’t forget that we have a rough and tumble legislative session kicking off in Des Moines in just weeks.

Michael Bloomberg spent millions trying to flip the Iowa legislature, hoping to take control of the House so his allies could push an aggressive gun control agenda at the state level.

Thanks to the members of Iowa Gun Owners, we shut Bloomberg down hard, expanding the size of the majority in the House by seven seats, and defending pro-gun lawmakers like Rep. Shipley!

More than that, after we exposed Theresa Greenfield’s hatred for gun owners, gun owners ended her political career before it began, and our members in Northeast Iowa threw Congresswoman Finkenauer out of office, too!

Clearly gun owners did our job during the election, boot stomping radical leftists like Finkenauer and others out of office.

Now it’s time that Republican leaders in Des Moines do their job and finally pass Constitutional Carry law.

As you know, Constitutional Carry simply states that law abiding Iowans do not need to beg permission from their own government to carry a firearm for self-defense.

While leaving our ‘Shall Issue’ permit process in place as an option, you would no longer be forced to put your name on a government list or pay fees to exercise your God-given right to defend yourself and your loved ones in public!

Far from a new idea, Constitutional Carry has spread like wild fire across America over the last few years — and is law today in sixteen states and is on the move in many others!

But as you know, moderates in the House and Senate have been locking this bill down in committee for several years now, and we’re going to have to push harder than ever to advance it.

That’s why I hope you’ll renew your membership in Iowa Gun Owners for 2021, to make sure we have the resources we need to hold the line for you in Des Moines and in Washington, D.C.

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If Joe Biden winds up in the White House, it’s going to be all hands on deck, whether the Senate flips after the January 5 run-offs in Georgia, or not.

But while we work to hold the line against gun control in Congress, we also need to take advantage of the gains that gun owners made here in Iowa, by getting a vote on Constitutional Carry law!

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