This Is Why We Need Constitutional Carry!


Travel bans.

Empty store shelves.

State of emergency declarations.

State/counties ending concealed carry permit applications.

If there was ever a doubt in your mind as to why it is essential that Iowa pass Constitutional Carry legislation, I trust the news of the last few days has answered that question for you, once and for all.

While it’s hard to separate prudent preparation from mass panic on the part of the public, it’s clear that people are very alarmed about the impact of the Coronavirus.

Governor Reynolds just issued a public health disaster declaration that orders restaurants, bars, gyms, theaters, casinos, senior centers, churches — any gathering of more than ten people — to close for the rest of the month!

But if you want to buy or carry a handgun for self-defense, you are still required to obtain permission from the government, first.

If you can get it.

Already county sheriff’s departments in states like Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Nevada, Louisiana, New York, Georgia, Washington, and W. Virginia are suspending the issuance of permits to buy or carry handguns.

(A sign in the Minneapolis, MN police department, telling gun owners that they are not able to even apply for a permit to buy or carry handguns.)

We haven’t seen this in Iowa -– yet — but the recent proclamation from Governor Reynolds will likely change that before long.

This entire situation highlights the absolute necessity of passing Constitutional Carry legislation here in Iowa, a bill that our ‘pro-gun legislature’ has been opposing for years!

You see, gun owners in nearby Missouri don’t have to ask permission from the government to carry a firearm, thanks to their Constitutional Carry law.

Nor do our neighbors in South Dakota, thanks to their state’s Constitutional Carry law.

The same can be said for gun owners in Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, N. Hampshire, N. Dakota, Oklahoma, Vermont, W. Virginia, and Wyoming — all of whom enjoy Constitutional Carry law!

But here in Iowa, we are still required to obtain government permission. Except that the government is making it impossible to obtain that permission!

This is never how our Founding Fathers intended for us to live.

Being forced to get the government’s permission to carry a firearm — to have to pay them a fee for the privilege — is the opposite of what they intended!

The legislature is expected to come back into session in a few weeks; make sure they know that you expect action on Constitutional Carry legislation when they return!


The Coronavirus response makes it clear as a bell that in dangerous times you are responsible for your own personal safety, which is why we need Constitutional Carry law!

Tell your legislators enough is enough, you want action on this legislation when they come back into session.

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For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr

Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. With a growing number of states suspending the issuance of purchase/carry permits in reaction to the Coronavirus, it’s clear that Iowa needs Constitutional Carry legislation.

Email your legislators here, insisting that they pass this legislation when they return to Des Moines at the end of their 30-day hiatus!

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