This PRO-GUN Law Can Pass in Iowa!

As we told you last week, a House Sub-Committee approved IGO’s Second Amendment Preservation Act (HF-147) by a vote of 2-1, and the bill is now sitting in the full Judiciary Committee!

Politics is about momentum and clearing this first hurdle is a very good sign and something every IGO member should be proud of!

Now it’s time for gun owners to keep the momentum going by contacting the Judiciary Committee and telling them to pass SAPA and protect Iowa from Biden’s tyranny.

While Republicans have complete control of this committee, based on our conversations with legislators over the last week, you need to contact the committee now!


Let me give you a quick run down on exactly why SAPA law is so important for Iowa!

SAPA law would protect gun owners in Iowa by requiring Iowa cops to only enforce Iowa laws when it comes to firearms, ammunition, and accessories. If Biden wants to mandate gun control, the feds would have to enforce that themselves.

SAPA law would protect cops in Iowa. Right now if they are ordered to enforce federal gun control, our cops can disobey the order and get fired, or comply and violate their oath of office.

SAPA puts the power in the hands of ‘We the People.’ If a law enforcement agency violates SAPA and enforces federal gun control laws, you could take the agency into civil court.

SAPA has tremendous precedent in the United States Supreme Court in cases that range from 1842 – 2018! The Court has always allowed the states to refuse to enforce federal laws.

SAPA is already in effect in nearby Missouri, who enacted this identical legislation in 2021! So over 6 million Missourians don’t have to worry about local cops enforcing federal tyranny.


But I want to be clear: passing last week’s sub-committee was just the first step in this process. And even though the Judiciary Committee has a 14-7 GOP majority, passing SAPA won’t be easy.

Michael Bloomberg’s lobby team is doing everything they can to stop us. As are the Iowa Catholic Conference, Iowa Mental Health Planning Council, League of Women Voters, and more.

Jered Taylor, our legislation liaison, testified at length in the sub-committee last week, providing expert testimony about SAPA law and discussing the May 31st  timeline that Biden has put on us!

But nothing is more impactful than legislators hearing from massive numbers of grassroots gun owners — nothing.

So please email the Judiciary committee right away and stand by for further updates as this fight progresses.

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners