Three Hours to Help Us Pass Constitutional Carry for Iowa!

Things are moving at a dizzying pace in the fight to make Iowa the nineteenth Constitutional Carry state, and I know that we’ve asked you to take action repeatedly over the last few days.

But we’re not done yet. Here’s where things stand. Please read this for the latest and when you’re done, I need to ask you to send two more emails right away.

The House Public Safety Sub-Committee heard and approved Constitutional Carry (HSB 254) in 2-1 vote yesterday. IGO members hammered over 1,500 comments in support of this legislation onto the state’s website in just 48 hours!

Now the full, 21-member Public Safety Committee will be voting on the bill TODAY at 2pm. If Constitutional Carry moves through the committee it will be floor eligible next week!

At the same time, the Senate Judiciary Committee is holding their sub-committee hearing on a Senate companion bill (SSB 1232) TODAY at 1pm!

If this 3-person committee advances the bill, it will very likely receive a vote in the full Judiciary Committee in the next 24-48 hours!

With both the House and Senate having votes on Constitutional Carry legislation today, I need to ask you to do two things right away!

 We have made this as easy as we can for you.

First, send this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to the House Public Safety Committee right away, urging them to move HSB 254 with no weakening amendments!

Second, leave a public statement of support for Constitutional Carry on the Senate Sub-Committee’s public comment section.

Please put ‘IGO’ or ‘Iowa Gun Owners’ in the ‘Organization’ box and then tell the sub-committee to advance this legislation with no weakening amendments.

You can use our sample statement below, if you prefer.

We’ve been fighting for Second Amendment freedom for a long time here in Iowa. This may be our year! But we can’t take anything for granted. Help us FLOOD the Capitol with emails in support of Constitutional Carry!

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners 

P.S. Both the House and Senate are holding committee votes on Constitutional Carry today and I need you to send two emails right away because Michael Bloomberg is trying to stop us!



For your public comment on the Senate website, put ‘IGO’ or ‘Iowa Gun Owners’ down as your ‘organization.’ You can use the same statement of support below, if you wish!

Take action now, then urge your pro-gun friends to do the same thing!


Dear Members of the Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee,

The members of Iowa Gun Owners have waited for over a decade to see Constitutional Carry pass the Iowa legislature.

In 2010, we flipped the Iowa House because House Democrats blocked this bill in 2009 and 2010. And we’ve held the line against Michael Bloomberg and the radical left every two years since then, only to see this bill crushed year after year.

SSB 1232 would make Iowa the nineteenth Constitutional Carry state and would allow law abiding Iowans the right to carry a firearm for self-defense without having to pay expensive fees or add their name to a government database first!

To be clear, in just the last two weeks, Utah and Montana have enacted this crucial legislation, the Indiana House passed it, and it’s about to receive committee action in Tennessee.

Gun-grabbers and the media tried to stop ‘Shall Issue’ legislation here in Iowa over a decade ago, saying that passing it would lead to higher crime rates. They were wrong.

Then they tried to block ‘Stand-Your-Ground’ law in 2017, again claiming that giving Iowans the legal right to defend themselves in public would somehow lead to Iowans getting involved in crazy shootouts and vigilante justice. They were wrong about that, too.

And so while I fully expect that the media, Bloomberg-funded organizations, and leftist politicians will try to claim that expanding Iowans gun rights by passing Constitutional Carry will lead to violence, Iowans know that this is just another lie.

Eighteen states have this legislation on the books — over one-third of America –- and these are among the safest states in America!

It’s high time that the Iowa legislature make Iowa the nineteenth state! Gun owners have worked tirelessly to make it possible for the legislature to enact this legislation. We’ve waited long enough.

Please advance SSB 1232 immediately and with no weakening amendments.