UN Passes Small Arms Treaty – Action Needed!

Two days ago, the United Nations passed their “Small Arms Treaty” with an overwhelming 155-3 vote.

IGO members have been warned that this was coming for some time.

The White House put their full support behind this proposal as you can imagine.

In fact, it was no less than 24 hours after President Obama’s reelection, that the Obama administration announced it would pursue the U.N.’s Gun Ban.

This has been the ultimate dream of the gun grabbers for years – but this fight is far from over.

For this treaty to become law, it would need to be ratified by the United States Senate.

But of course, the chances of this happening have never been higher as anti-gun hysteria is reaching a fevered pitch in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting.

In just over a week we will likely see debate on the US Senate floor over bills that would:

***  Ban all modern utility rifles;

  Ban all magazines that hold more than 10 rounds;

***  Drastically expand the scope of the government’s          involvement in your medical files – as some      gun-grabbers are calling for you to be pre-approved by      a psychologist to buy a gun in the first place;

***  Put you in federal prison for 15 years for simply      giving a gun to a friend, not knowing that he was      prohibited from owning a gun in the first place.

I could go on.

Obviously, the Senate is following the marching orders laid out by President Obama.

So you and I can’t just “hope for the best” when it comes to the UN Small Arms treaty.

That’s why it’s important that you sign your petition opposing the UN Small Arms Treaty TODAY.

IGO will be delivering these petitions to Senators Grassley and Harkin so they will know what gun owners in Iowa expect of them.

This is especially important here in Iowa as out-of-state gun control organizations are pouring money into Iowa with TV ads and internet ads in an attempt to convince Senator Grassley to support their agenda.

That’s why it’s vital you and I stand up and loudly declare that we do not want to see petty, third world dictators dictating to you and I how or if we can defend ourselves and our families.

Because if these fanatical gun-grabbers get their way we will be facing the complete destruction of our way of life as the gun-grabber are going for broke by seeking to:

***  Enact tougher licensing requirements, making      law-abiding Americans cut through international      bureaucratic red tape just to own a firearm      legally;


***  Confiscate and destroy “unauthorized” civilian      firearms all firearms owned by governments      are excluded, of course);


***  Ban the trade, sale and private ownership of ALL      semi-automatic weapons including handguns,      shotguns and other firearms commonly used for      hunting.

That’s why it’s so important that you take action and sign your petition today.

Also, please consider a contribution to aid Iowa Gun Owners in this fight.

We are hoping to flood Senator Grassley and Senator Harkin’s office with these petitions before this comes up for a vote.

To make this effort effective it needs to be big.

That’s why we are hoping to use mail, email, internet ads, and phone banking to turn up the heat – especially on Senator Grassley – since we know where Harkin stands and since Grassley is making very troubling statements lately regarding his willingness to work with the anti-gunners.

Right now, we simply don’t have what we need to really implement this effort in the way that we want to.

Your contribution of $100, $50, or even just $10 will help us ramp up for this fight as this treaty moves to the Senate for ratification.

With the national media, the anti-gun lobby, and President Obama demanding action on this treaty, it’s crucial that you and I make our voices heard.

So please, sign your petition today, and help us stop this treaty now!

   For Freedom,  
   Aaron Dorr
   Executive Director

   Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. Two days ago, with the full support of the White House, the United Nations passed their “Small Arms Treaty.”

This proposal now moves to the US Senate for ratification.

If ratified, the Treaty would totally alter the way we live our lives by subjugating the 2nd Amendment to the whims of government officials in China or Pakistan.

And right now, with the loudest cry for gun control that this nation has seen in a generation underway, you and I can’t take any chances by just “hoping for the best” when it comes to this vote.

So please, take a moment to sign your petition OPPOSING the UN Small Arms Treaty.

If you can, please also consider a special contribution to Iowa Gun Owners as we prepare to ‘turn up the heat’ on Iowa’s Senators.

Whether it be $100, $50 or even just $10 – it will be used to mobilize more Iowans to get involved as we approach a Floor vote on this treaty