They Will Say Anything to Divert the Pressure!

With the legislature scheduled to resume session in mid- May, and gun owners sending thousands of emails to the politicians in Des Moines demanding Constitutional Carry, legislators are getting nervous.

That’s because there are elections on the horizon.

And after our shocking performance in the 2016 elections — when gun owners removed Mike Gronstal and flipped the Iowa Senate — every politician in Des Moines knows that gun owners are the most potent political fighting force in Iowa.

So they are desperately trying to keep gun owners happy.

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But legislative leaders are signaling that they do not want to advance Constitutional Carry law, terrified that Iowa’s liberal media outlets would label the move as ‘extreme.’

And that’s why they are trying to divert the pressure, telling gun owners that “I’d like to support this, but the committee process has expired so we’ll have to do it next year.”

But that is simply not true.

The politicians in Des Moines have countless ways to advance legislation any time they want to.

The simplest way to advance Constitutional Carry would be by adding it to other legislation via an amendment. This happens all the time, especially this year, with the
shortened legislative schedule.

Legislative leaders could also file Constitutional Carry as a ‘leadership bill,’ a special prerogative that allows House or Senate leaders to introduce legislation any time they want to prior to final adjournment.

In fact, this is exactly how House Democrats passed ‘Shall Issue’ legislation in 2010, filing a ‘leadership bill’ in late March, after the committee deadline had passed.

So don’t listen to anyone who tells you that, “I support Constitutional Carry, but we simply can’t do it anymore this session.”

That is simply a desperate politician, trying to trick you into believing that his hands are tired.

Don’t let them get away with it! Keep the pressure on and tell them that you are not going to accept their excuses!

If you haven’t sent your email in support of Constitutional Carry in the last few days, please do so at once, as the legislature will likely be reconvening soon!

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And when you are done, please consider a donation to help Iowa Gun Owners keep the pressure up in Des Moines. Session will be resuming shortly, but it will be over very quickly, too.

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For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. As the pressure mounts on the politicians in Des Moines to pass Constitutional Carry law, they are getting desperate, making excuses as to why they can’t act.

As you will see in the email above, that’s simply not true!

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