Update on Stand-Your-Ground in Iowa!

Over the last couple of weeks, thanks to countless numbers of phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages to your legislators, the grassroots support of Stand-Your-Ground has exploded all across the state!

Legislators are hearing from voters like you, all throughout their districts, about how you expect them to defend your right to defend yourself during the 2015 legislative session.

Moments ago, I got off the phone with our allies at the National Association for Gun Rights as well as our friends at Gun Owners of America, who also agreed to weigh in on this in Iowa – mobilizing their members to get behind this important legislative project!

As a reminder, what Stand-Your-Ground law (SF 137 ) would do is very simple.

It would give you important legal protections in the event that you are ever forced to defend yourself, or your loved ones, from a violent criminal attacker, no matter where you are.

It would do this by removing the current duty to retreat when defending yourself outside of your home.

Some of you may be thinking that we already have this law here in Iowa; after all, the idea of having to retreat from an armed, violent attacker is inconceivable to many of you.

The story of Jay R. Lewis located right here in Des Moines, in 2012, proves what happens when you combine an anti-gun prosecutor with a lack of Stand-Your-Ground law.

We’ve referred to this story in detail in previous emails, so we will not be discussing those details here, but this gun owner had his life turned upside down because the system decided to go after him, after he was forced to defend himself from violent criminal attackers.

Even though he survived the eventual court battle, Mr. Lewis spent 112 days in jail and suffered immense personal damage as a result of Iowa code not including this important provision.

But now the General Assembly is starting to taking action.

State Senator Rick Bertrand, from Sioux City, has sponsored SF 137 – the Iowa Stand-Your-Ground law.

Thanks to YOUR calls, and YOUR emails, an additional 23 State Senators have cosponsored this important legislation.

The media is buzzing about this important issue, and the Governor recently weighed in on it as well.

But now the hard work begins!

You see, SF 137 has been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee, being chaired by anti-gun Senator Steve Sodders.

Senator Sodders, no friend to gun owners, undoubtedly intends to see this bill die without so much as a vote.

In fact, capitol insiders have reported to us that Chairman Sodders is already trying to figure out a way to KILL Stand-Your-Ground law and still placate gun owners like you and me.

Some of you may be asking yourselves, “Why would Chairman Sodders kill this bill without so much as a vote, when almost half the Iowa State Senate already supports it?”

The answer may be that Chairman Sodders is trying to look out for the members of his partisan caucus more than he is looking out for the interests of gun owners like you and me.

Knowing full well what would happen to his allies who vote against Stand-Your-Ground law, Chairman Sodders seems determined to not let this issue come up for a vote, so as to keep gun owners like you and me from knowing who really supports our gun rights, and who just says they do.

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, folks, because it works.

That’s why it’s up to you and me to do all we can to make sure that we get a vote on Stand-Your-Ground this year in the Iowa legislature!

So I’m asking you to do a few things today, as quickly as possible, to help us keep the pressure on the Iowa Senate:

>>> Please contact Senator Steve Sodders today by calling him at 641-751-4140 or 515-281-3371.

You can email him if you’d like prefer, the email address is steve.sodders.legis.iowa.gov.

Please don’t fall for the old ruse that because you don’t live in his district, you are not allowed to communicate with him – a worn out line that Chairman Sodders is trying to pass off on many of you right now.

The fact of the matter is, as Chairman of this state-wide committee, Chairman Sodders answers to YOU.

>>> Take a moment to contact Senate Majority Leader Michael Gronstal today by calling him at 515-281-3371 or 712-328-2808!

As the Senate Majority leader, Michael Gronstal is in complete control of what legislation moves forward, and what does not.

Mr. Gronstal is currently hiding behind Chairman Sodders, trying to make sure this bill does not move forward.

>>> Forward this email to every pro-gun friend you have!

Politics is a numbers game. The more gun owners you and I can get involved in this fight, the more pressure we can bring to politicians in Des Moines who are trying to block this bill.

Get your friends involved! Have them make the calls, have them write emails, have them help you and me hold these politicians accountable for their actions!

>>> Please consider chipping in whatever you can, to help Iowa Gun Owners TODAY!

Whether its $50, $25 or even just 5 bucks, I hope you’ll do whatever you can, today!

Iowa Gun Owners is working around the clock to mobilize gun owners through direct mail, social media, state-wide email deployments and more – and your contribution will do much to enable us to keep these critical programs in operation.

Thank you so much for all of your activism to date, it has taken the Iowa Capitol by storm

It’s up to you and me to keep the pressure on, so we can see this bill advance further through the Iowa State Senate.

So please make your calls, and send your emails today!

 For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. Thanks to all of your grassroots pressure, the Iowa Stand-Your-Ground bill has received tremendous support in the Senate!

In fact, 24 members of the Iowa Senate have now cosponsored SF 137, the Iowa Stand-Your-Ground law

Capitol insiders report to us that at this time, Judiciary Chairman Steve Sodders is not intending to advance this bill.

He knows that certain members of his partisan caucus will vote against this bill, and he is afraid of what might happen to their political careers in future elections if they vote against our gun rights.

However, the right to defend yourself and your loved ones is not a partisan issue. It is a fundamental human right.

So please contact Chairman Sodders as well as Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal (using the information above) today to INSIST they move Stand-Your-Ground law through the Iowa Senate without any weakening amendments!