US Senate GOP Primary Update – Mark Jacobs Refuses Survey!

“Is Iowa Gun Owners affiliated with the National Association for Gun Rights…yeah, we’ve discussed this and we’re not filling out this candidate survey…”

…so said Brian Dumas, campaign manager for Mark Jacobs when I stood in his office just yesterday afternoon in West Des Moines asking whether or not Jacobs would be surveying.

You read that right, Mark Jacobs is REFUSING to tell you and me where he stands on the 2nd Amendment!

You see, for several weeks now Iowa Gun Owners has been meeting with candidates and attempting to get them on the record in support of your gun rights.

After all, virtually every candidate seeking office in Iowa claims to support the 2nd Amendment.

But as you and I know, talk is cheap, especially when it comes to politicians.

That’s why Iowa Gun Owners surveys candidates in the first place – to see who’s ready to FIGHT for our gun rights and who’s just talking the talk.

Sadly, in this race, it seems like many candidates are just talking the talk.

While claiming to be pro-gun on his website, Mark Jacobs just made it crystal clear where he stands on the 2nd Amendment, by refusing to get on the record.

And the gun-grabbers couldn’t be happier.

You see — especially after the defeat gun-grabbers were given in D.C. last year by grassroots gun owners — they know they can no longer depend solely on anti-gun Democrats in Washington (not that all Democrats are anti-gun.)

If they’re going to succeed in cramming Bloomberg’s radical gun control legislation through the Senate, they’re going to need some Republican legislators whom they can “work with.”

And as we’ve seen, even just a handful of weak-kneed Republicans can be enough to KILL even the most crucial pro-gun reforms.

That’s why they’re going all-out to browbeat politicians on both sides of the aisle into supporting their anti-gun agenda — or at least remaining silent.

And that’s why Mark Jacobs’ flat-out REFUSAL to answer his candidate survey is so troubling.

(IGO’s Aaron Dorr (R) meeting with Mark Jacob’s campaign manager Brian Dumas (L) yesterday. Jacobs is REFUSING to sign his candidate survey.)

Is he planning on going to Washington D.C. to work behind the scenes with the gun-grabbers?

Sadly, when candidates won’t come clean on their real views regarding our gun rights, that’s often the case.

The good news is that Republicans Sam Clovis and Scott Schaben have answered our survey 100% in favor of our Second Amendment rights, including:

     *** Opposition to a Universal Registration law – which would make you a criminal for simply passing on your firearms to your children or grandchildren without first being added to a government list;

     *** Opposition to anti-gun mental health expansion – over 140,000 military vets have already lost their gun rights simply by being declared defective by a ‘mental health professional’ without due process in a court of law;

     *** A repeal of the federal “gun free zones” law – the only people stopped by these insane laws are the law abiding parents, teachers, and school staff who may be able to save lives if given the option of self-defense.

What’s more, Sam Clovis has signed our gun rights leadership pledge wherein he’s agreed to SPONSOR pro-gun legislation as a US Senator. In other words, Sam Clovis has pledged to FIGHT for the 2nd Amendment.

That’s why it’s simply outrageous that Mark Jacobs thinks he can slide through an Iowa GOP primary without telling you where he stands on the 2nd Amendment.

So please call Mark Jacobs immediately at (515)829-7707 and DEMAND he return his Iowa Gun Owners Candidate Survey right away

If you can’t reach him there, contact his campaign manager, Brian Dumas, at (563)529-5101.

Tell him that trying to keep his views on our Second Amendment rights hidden is unacceptable.

While you’re at it, contact Sam Clovis and Scott Schaben and thank them for pledging 100% support for our Second Amendment rights

As of this moment, no one else has surveyed in this race yet!

And if you can, I’d really appreciate it if I could count on your generous support for the Iowa Gun Owners Candidate Survey Program.

Whether you can give $250, $100, $50 or $35, every dollar you can give will be a tremendous help.

But whether or not you can give, please contact Mark Jacobs IMMEDIATELY.

That’s most important.

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. The June 3 Republican Party primary is fast approaching.

That’s why Iowa Gun Owners went to meet with Mark Jacobs for Senate at his campaign office yesterday, to see whether or not he’d be signing our candidate survey like Sam Clovis and Scott Schaben have done.

Sadly, the Mark Jacobs campaign is flat out REFUSING to tell you and me where he stands or how he’ll vote if elected to the US Senate.

Does Jacobs support the UN Small Arms Treaty? Will he support bans on “high cap” magazines like Bruce Braley? Will he be ok with Iowa vets losing their gun rights without due process of law?

We simply don’t know, as Mark is refusing to tell us.

So please, contact Mark directly at (515)829-7707 and demand that he sign his candidate survey so that you and I know where he stands on the 2nd Amendment.

If you can’t get ahold of Mark, feel free to call his campaign manager, Brian Dumas, at (563)529-5101.

Please also consider chipping in $250, $100, $50, or even $35 to help Iowa Gun Owners get the word out to as many pro-gun Iowans as possible about where the candidates stand on the 2nd Amendment.