Video: Grassley and Ernst Need to Oppose Dettelbach

As we told you last week, Joe Biden is expected to nominate another raging gun-grabber — Steve Dettelbach — to be the new director of the ATF at any moment!

Of course, Biden tried this last year, with David Chipman.

But gun owners flooded the United States Senate with millions of calls, emails, and petitions opposing Chipman last summer — forcing the Senate to block his appointment.

Now, we need to do it again. You see, while Dettelbach might not have worked for Everytown for Gun Safety like Chipman did, he supports the most extreme gun control agenda imaginable!

If confirmed, Dettelbach will unleash the ATF on law-abiding gun owners across the country, especially with Biden’s two Executive Orders only months away from taking effect!

To learn more about Dettelbach’s horrific views on your gun rights, and how gun owners can shut down this nominee just like we did with David Chipman, I hope you’ll watch our video report.

As you just heard, Dettelbach hates gun owners and would use his position as ATF Director to try to make felons out of as many law-abiding gun owners as he possibly can!

That’s why Senators Grassley and Ernst need to hear from you today, so they know that gun owners across the state expect them to ‘VOTE NO’ on Dettelbach’s nomination to direct the ATF!


Then please consider a generous donation so that I can get the word out about Dettelbach to other gun owners across the state. Working together, we stopped Chipman last year.

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For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. Steve Dettelbach — the man Joe Biden is expected to name to direct the scandal-ridden ATF — supports a gun control agenda that is even more aggressive than David Chipman’s!

To learn all about Dettelbach’s views on the Second Amendment and how many gun owners would be facing felony charges if Dettelbach gets his way, watch our video report right away.

Then take a moment to contact Senators Grassley and Ernst using our automated system. Tell them to ‘VOTE NO’ on Steve Dettelbach’s nomination to run the ATF!


Gun owners defeated David Chipman’s nomination last year. And with your help, we can do it again! Please make a donation right away to help us fight back against Dettelbach’s nomination!