VIDEO: Problems with Iowa’s Stand-Your-Ground Law…

Iowa has Stand-Your-Ground law. We passed it in 2017. This was a signature accomplishment of IGO and I know that most of you reading this email were involved in that fight.

But the reality is that Iowa’s Stand-Your-Ground law is weak. It was dramatically stripped down in committee in the House — and it wasn’t fixed on the floor.

And with a Soros-backed prosecutor now the County Attorney in Polk County, gun owners who are forced to defend themselves from a violent thug in Des Moines are extremely vulnerable.

From gun owners being presumed guilty following a shooting, to not having the ability to assert Stand-Your-Ground until your appeal, to limited coverage for the threatened use of force, our self-defense laws need an overall.

And, in close to twenty other states, the legislature has provided that overhaul. But Iowa is not on the list.

For all the details about Iowa’s current self-defense laws, how our legislation would fix this, and information on how you can help us advance this bill, please watch our video below!

As you can see, this legislation would prevent gun owners from being attacked by Soros-backed prosecutors, while still giving law enforcement the tools they need to investigate crime.

We can’t watch for this any longer. The hell on earth that Mark McCloskey and Kyle Rittenhouse went through could happen to any one of us until we enhance our Stand-Your-Ground law!


Thank you for signing your petition. 

But make no mistake, passing this bill is going to be a major fight. The County Attorney Association will oppose it. I expect the Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association will oppose it. Bloomberg is against it. And the Radical Left will oppose it.

With session underway, it’s vital that IGO members and other grassroots gun owners flood the legislature with calls, emails, and petitions demanding action on this bill.

That’s why I hope you’ll also consider a generous donation to make sure that we have the resources we need to crank up the heat!

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Until Iowa enhances our Stand-Your-Ground law, liberal prosecutors can destroy the life of a gun owner whose only ‘crime’ was defending himself from a violent criminal.  

Thank you for taking action. Please forward this email and the enclosed video to every gun owner you know. 

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners