Video Update on Federal ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban!

As the Feinstein ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ picks up supporters, including Iowa’s Congressman Dave Loebsack, many of you are asking us questions about it.

That’s why we’ve taken a few minutes to produce this video update for you on the details of the bill.

Simply put: you won’t believe how many firearms that you and I can legally own today would be confiscated under this bill.

More, there is no grandfather clause.

And it only gets worse from there.

Please take a moment to watch our video update now.

As you heard in the video, the size and implications of this bill are simply massive.

And with Congressional leaders in D.C. caving in to the demands of gun-grabbers by passing Senator Feinstein’s ‘FIX-Nics’ bill just last Friday — the anti-gun crowd in Washington is more mobilized than ever!

That’s why I hope you’ll do a few things right away to help us fight back.

First, sign your petition opposing the Feinstein gun control bill that is making its way through Congress.

Second, become a member of Iowa Gun Owners right away!

Third, if you are already a member, please make a special contribution to help us get the word out about this bill.

When you are done, I hope you’ll forward this video around to your friends and family so they’ll know what is going on regarding this bill — and what they can do about it!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. With Congress passing Senator Diane Feinstein’s massive gun registration bill last Friday, gun-grabbers are feeling emboldened!

In fact, the Feinstein ‘Assault Weapons’ bill is moving fast, racking up HUNDREDS of cosponsors including Iowa’s Dave Loebsack.

Please watch our video update about this, and then take immediate action using the links above!