Video Update on Status of Stand-Your-Ground Legislation!

This last week in the legislature brought some dangerous developments on the omnibus gun bill that is making its way through the legislative process.

All too often, moderates in House leadership are the first to cut a deal — and your gun rights suffer as a result.

That’s what happened last Wednesday.

Please watch the video update that I’ve prepared for you below.

Now that you know what the House leadership team has done, please contact them at once and insist that they stop trying to water down these pro-gun bills — and fix the damage they did this week.

They are:

>>>  Speaker of the House Linda Upmeyer 
     [email protected]

>>>  Speaker Pro-Tem Matt Windshitl
     [email protected]

>>>  Majority Leader Chris Hagenow 
      [email protected]

Please forward this to all of your pro-gun friends and family when you’re done, and make sure they take action as well.

Finally, if you’ve not already done so, please join Iowa Gun Owners right away to help us grow our grass roots army.

For Freedom,

Executive Director

Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. The pro-gun omnibus bill making its way through the legislature suffered a major blow this week at the hands of the House leadership team.

Watch the video update that I’ve prepared for you to get informed, then please take action!

And if this kind of bare-knuckles and ‘No Compromise’ defense of your gun rights appeals to you –- please take a moment to get involved with Iowa Gun Owners today!