Video Update: Two Biden Executive Orders Attacking Guns Coming Soon!

While gun owners have fought back and held the line against Joe Biden’s attack on our gun rights in Congress so far, that won’t protect us from his tyrannical Executive Orders.

To protect gun owners from these, Iowa needs to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) next session, and it needs to happen fast as the first two Executive Orders are set to take effect as early as February!

Watch our video report for more information on these Executive Orders and how we can defeat them with SAPA law!

As you just heard, Iowa has the Constitutional authority to enact the Second Amendment Preservation Act and ignore tyrannical federal laws and Executive Orders that run contrary to Iowa’s laws.

It’s exactly what the left did to President Trump when he wanted to deport violent illegal aliens who were wanted for rape and murder.

But passing this is going to be a battle, from start to finish. That’s why I hope you’ll take three steps right away:

First, sign your OFFICIAL PETITION in support of SAPA legislation so the politicians in Des Moines know where you stand.

Second, renew your membership in Iowa Gun Owners for 2022 so we have the resources to fight for you and for SAPA next session.

Third, share this video with every gun owner you know!

Biden’s Executive Orders are coming. But if Iowa follows Missouri’s lead and passes the Second Amendment Preservation Act, these unconstitutional orders will effectively be nullified.

Not only that, but other ‘red states’ will be able to follow our lead. This is how we save our gun rights, how we save our state, and how we can save our country!

Take action today!

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. Biden’s first two Executive Orders attacking law abiding gun owners are just months away from taking effect. But Iowa can effectively nullify these tyrannical orders with the Second Amendment Preservation Act!

To learn more about Biden’s Executive Orders and the way SAPA can defang them, watch our video report here.

When you’re finished, sign your petition in support of SAPA so your State Representative and State Senator know what you expect of them next session.