Watch This: Video Update on SAPA Law in the Iowa Senate!

While we’ve seen some great initial movement on the Second Amendment Preservation Act in the Iowa Senate, there is a growing concern that Senate Republicans may gut the impact of this bill (S.F. 2002) with a dangerous amendment!

Harmful amendments are a favorite tactic of gun-control organizations that know that if they can’t shut a bill down all together, sabotaging it with harmful amendments is the next best thing.

If the kind of amendments we are hearing about come to pass, then not only will we NOT have a functioning SAPA law to protect gun owners — the politicians in Des Moines will use this as fodder in their re-election campaigns!

For the latest on this harmful amendment, who is supporting it, why, and how wrong they are, please watch our video report here.

 As you just heard, passage of the Second Amendment Preservation Act would be the most impactful expansion of gun rights in the history of Iowa Gun Owners — overshadowing Shall Issue, Stand-Your-Ground law and Constitutional Carry combined!

But that’s only IF the bill passes in its current condition, with the teeth that we have put into the language.

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For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. Things are happening fast in the Iowa Senate when it comes to the Second Amendment Preservation Act, but there are dangerous amendments being considered that you need to know about.

For all the latest, watch our video report here.

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