What Happened to the ISSDA?!

“What happened to them? They used to be on our side!”

After our email earlier this week, urging you to cease your financial support of the “Elite Anti-Gun Lobby,” — the Iowa State Sheriffs’ and Deputies’ Association (ISSDA) -– I’ve heard this question a lot.

If you missed the email from the other day, you can view it here.

The short version is that the ISSDA is conducting their annual fundraising campaign and has sent letters out all over Iowa this week asking for your support.

But they have battled against the Second Amendment in Des Moines for almost a decade and are still refusing to support Stand-Your-Ground law!

Now some are asking, when did all this start? Honestly, it’s been going on for a long time.

Check out this video that we cut in the Captiol -– OVER TWO YEARS AGO -– sounding the alarm on the ISSDA.

(IGO’s Aaron Dorr informing Iowans about the radically anti-gun ISSDA’s decade-long war against your gun rights in this video from over two years ago in the state capitol.)

Believe me, I understand the confusion.

After all, the Chairman of the Board for Iowa Gun Owners, Jim Schweisow, is a former ISSDA member who used to come to the Capitol and lobby in favor of gun bills on their behalf!

But that’s all changed now.

These days, the most anti-gun sheriff in Iowa, Johnson County’s Lonny Pulkrabek, runs the ISSDA.

Pulkrabek believes that you have no constitutional right to carry a gun anywhere in public — he said as much on WHO radio!

He’s unashamedly opposed to your gun rights and he’s the one deciding how ISSDA lobbies on gun bills in Des Moines now.

Get that?

We aren’t saying that every sheriff and deputy in Iowa is opposed to your gun rights. Not even close.

In fact, study after study shows that the overwhelming number of rank and file peace officers supports expanding gun rights for law abiding citizens!

The problem is with their leadership.

And as long as the ISSDA is being run by folks like Lonny Pulkrabek, it doesn’t matter what your sheriff thinks about the Second Amendment –- he has no say in what they do in Des Moines.

So please, take that fundraising letter from the ISSDA and toss it in the trash, or mail it back with a note informing them that you’re done supporting them due to their opposition to your Second Amendment freedoms.

And if you can, please take that donation and send it in to Iowa Gun Owners instead.

As you read this, we have campaigns underway to alert Iowans about the vote for Stand-Your-Ground law that is slated for early next week.

We’re using internet ads, email, and direct mail to make sure gun owners know what’s going on and to make sure they are contacting their legislators, urging them to back Stand-Your-Ground law.

Your money would be put right to use in this fight, and you would have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re not supporting a blatantly anti-gun organization

Thank you for all of your support so far this session, this week should see some major developments in our fight for the Second Amendment.

It’s all been made possible by you!

Don’t let up now, and whatever you do, don’t fund our enemies in Des Moines any more.


For Freedom,


 Executive Director
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. The Iowa State Sheriffs’ and Deputies’ Association’s (ISSDA) war against your gun rights isn’t new, we’ve been fighting against them for years in Des Moines.

Check out this video that we ran against them TWO YEARS ago in the state capitol.

The problem with the ISSDA is that they are run by the notoriously anti-gun Johnson Co. Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek, who has stated that you have no right to carry a firearm anywhere other than on your own property.

So it doesn’t matter if your Sheriff is pro-gun or not, once he sends in those dues to the ISSDA they will be used to fight against your rights.

With the fight for Stand-Your-Ground law coming to the Senate this week, send your donations to Iowa Gun Owners so we can keep mobilizing people by mail, email, and internet ads