Will She Pledge to Fight for Gun Owners?

Will Kim Reynolds sign the Iowa Gun Owners gubernatorial survey?

That’s the question that I have been asked almost 100 times since we announced that we sent both Kim Reynolds and Fred Hubbell their surveys just over a week ago.

The purpose of the survey is very simple — we want to know what both of these candidates would do as our next Governor when it comes to our gun rights.

We didn’t ask them easy questions like, “Are you pro-gun?” as both candidates would immediately say that they were.

Instead, we asked them a series of detailed policy-based questions and asked if they would ‘Veto’ or ‘Sign’ these bills if placed on their desk.

Because these days, it’s just not possible for gun owners to take a candidate at their word, regardless of their party affiliation.

“Pro-gun” Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin vetoed Constitutional Carry earlier this year, despite oral assurances that she would sign it.

“Pro-gun” Florida Governor Rick Scott hammered through the largest gun control bill in modern history in the state of Florida, despite oral assurances that he was ‘good on guns.’

“Pro-gun” South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard vetoed Constitutional Carry legislation last year, despite his oral assurance that he was ‘pro Second Amendment.’

So you see, it’s just not enough for gun owners to take a would-be legislator or governor at face value when it comes to our Second Amendment freedoms -– especially as neither of them have ever had to sign or veto a gun bill before!

That’s why it’s essential that you contact both the Hubbell and Reynolds campaign right away, using the information provided below, and insist that they answer the IGO survey!

We’ve made this as easy for you as we can, so please take action below, using whatever option(s) is best for you.

First, email both the Hubbell and Reynolds campaign using this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL! Simply click the link, add your name, and hit ‘Send.’

Second, feel free to call the candidates and urge them to fill out their Iowa Gun Owners candidate survey.

>>> To reach Fred Hubbell, call 515-664-2351.
>>> To reach Kim Reynolds, call 515-361-5430.

Third, you can leave either candidate a message via their Facebook pages!

>>> Click here to send Fred Hubbell a message via Facebook!
>>> Click here to send Kim Reynolds a message via Facebook!

Fourth, you can print off a copy of the survey yourself, and give it to the candidates when they visit your part of Iowa on a campaign stop!

Feel free to remind both candidates that Iowa’s former Governor Terry Branstad was quick to sign his Iowa Gun Owners candidate survey!

More than that, he followed through on that survey by signing Stand-Your-Ground legislation into law.

Iowa’s next Governor will have tremendous power over the direction of our gun rights. With so many in the media and the legislature demanding gun control, we can’t leave anything to chance.

We need to know where Reynolds and Hubbell stand.

That starts with them signing their candidate questionnaire.

Please contact them both, at once!

And if you’re not yet a member, join Iowa Gun Owners today!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. With Kim Reynolds still not signing her Iowa Gun Owners 2018 Gubernatorial Candidate survey, gun owners are starting to wonder why.

Help us get both Kim Reynolds and Fred Hubbell on the record, by sending them your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL right away

If you prefer, you can call or message them on Facebook, using the information provided above!