You Are Invited!

As a member of Iowa Gun Owners, you’ve had a front row seat and played a direct role in defending and expanding our gun rights over the years.

You know that when we passed Stand-Your-Ground law this year as part of the biggest gun rights bill in Iowa history — that didn’t happen because of the good graces of the legislature.

Rather, it happened only after gun owners bulldozed the Iowa Senate and threw out over half a dozen anti-gun incumbents after Iowa Gun Owners exposed them for all to see.

And of course, it only happened after gun owners held the line and insisted that the House put the criminal immunity language back into Stand-Your-Ground law, after having been made aware of this betrayal by Iowa Gun Owners.

You see, where most organizations try to appease politicians, Iowa Gun Owners has always operated differently.

We still believe the legislature works for us, the people of Iowa.

And so our approach is simple: insist the politicians vote the right way or expose them in their districts at election time if they do not!

This approach has been devastatingly effective in not only reshaping gun politics in Iowa over the last nine years — but in seeing almost three dozen incumbents booted from office as well!

Now as we prepare to lead the charge on Constitutional Carry in 2018, I’d like to personally invite you to attend a 1-day Political Training School that we’re hosting in West Des Moines on Saturday, November 11!

This school is being hosted in conjunction with the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership and will teach you:

>>>  How politics actually works, and why educating politicians about your cause won’t result in change in Des Moines;

>>>  The greatest lie in politics, and how it can be used against you by legislators if you’re not careful;

>>>  Real-world leadership strategies for grassroots activists to ensure that you don’t ‘get spun’ when you set foot in the Capitol;

>>>  Effective lobby tactics for grassroots organizations that actually work;

>>>  Practical tools on how you can run an election program of your own as early as 2018, to hold politicians accountable for their anti-gun votes; and

>>>  How to start a political organization of your own and how to raise the funds you need to be effective!

This training isn’t for those who want to complain or waste time talking about magical solutions that will never solve our problems in Des Moines

Rather, this is for serious activists who want to learn how to make their representatives in Des Moines work for them — or learn the tools they need to hold them accountable!

So please register for this exclusive training right away!

The training will take place on Saturday, November 11, at the Raccoon River Nature Lodge located at 2500 Grand Ave. in West Des Moines.

The class will run from 9:00am through 5:30pm and you’ll want to arrive a little bit early to get signed in and get a cup of coffee.

Registration for this event is $50 which will include a lunch from Chick-Fil-A, but if you register between now and October 28 you can register for the reduced price of $40!

(Student rates are available for qualified students.)

2017 was a good year in the fight to advance the Second Amendment, but much work remains to be done.

This class will show you how to get directly involved in the fight for our gun rights — and I hope to see you there!

If you can’t make it, please consider chipping in a donation to help us train up as many grassroots activists as we can before the 2018 legislative session!


For Freedom,

Executive Director
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. Effective grassroots activists always make the difference in the fight for the Second Amendment here in Iowa!
That’s why I want to invite you to a special 1-day Political Leadership School that we are hosting — in conjunction with the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership — on Saturday, November 11, right here in West Des Moines!

This school will cover a variety of topics and give you a front-row seat as we prepare to push for Constitutional Carry in 2018.

So please, register for this training right away and take advantage of the ‘early bird’ pricing while you’re at it!

I hope to see you there!