Madelynn Dorr

Antifa Rioters Issue Demands to Politicians in Des Moines!

Des Moines and hundreds of other cities across the country have been rocked with violence, looting, and arson over the last few weeks by Antifa/BLM activists. Traditionally, when a group of thugs use violence to accomplish their political agenda, they are labeled as political terrorists and arrested. Not anymore.  Just days ago, the Des Moines chapter of Antifa and BLM issued another list of legislative demands that they want the

No Gun Control in Stimulus, This Time!

Thanks to the work of so many grassroots gun owners like you, the recent round of stimulus spending moved through Congress WITHOUT any gun control provisions added to it! Thank you to everyone who emailed Senators Grassley and Ernst — along with your Congressman — insisting that they oppose Nancy Pelosi’s efforts to use the Coronavirus to advance radical gun control. But before we get too excited, understand that Nancy

We Need to Keep Our Foot on Their Necks!

It’s time to finish this fight. With the 2020 elections on the horizon, establishment political insiders in Des Moines are scared. They have a growing fear that the Iowa House could flip on election night. To be blunt, I’m not sure that’s going to happen, as President Trump is likely going to drag a bunch of these suburban seats across the finish line all by himself. But that’s not what