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Law Abiding Gun Owner Facing 10 Years in Prison - Take Action!

Imagine getting a call in the middle of the night from your 27 year old daughter, who tearfully told you that she’d mistakenly carried her concealed firearm into Illinois as she traveled with her children to go visit a friend, and had been arrested for it! As she sat in the Illinois State Police holding cell the details poured out: it was late, she was traveling on I-74 through Peoria,

WANTED: Candidate Survey from Mark Jacobs and Joni Ernst!

Things are heating up all over the state right now as the June 3rd primary is getting closer and most every candidate is trying to claim the most aggressive stance on the 2nd Amendment. We’ve recently reported on the results of our survey program in the 1st and 2nd Congressional Districts and if you missed it you can read it here. For our coverage on the 3rd Congressional District, follow

Who's Standing up for Gun Rights in Congressional 1 and 2?

“As Iowa’s largest and only ‘No Compromise’ gun rights organization, Iowa Gun Owners has been working around the clock to survey all the candidates seeking elected office here in Iowa at the state level. We’ll be issuing a detailed report on the upcoming state primary races shortly. At the same time, Iowa Gun Owners has partnered with the National Association for Gun Rights to pursue candidate surveys from candidates seeking

Who's Hiding From Gun Owners in the 3rd Congressional District?

“Since our recent email regarding Senate GOP primary candidate Mark Jacobs’ refusal to answer the Iowa Gun Owners candidate survey questionnaire, we’ve been flooded with calls, emails, and Facebook messages from gun owners wanting to know about other races. If you live in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District or have friends in this district – this email is for you. This GOP primary is a very crowded field with 6 candidates

US Senate GOP Primary Update - Mark Jacobs Refuses Survey!

“Is Iowa Gun Owners affiliated with the National Association for Gun Rights…yeah, we’ve discussed this and we’re not filling out this candidate survey…” …so said Brian Dumas, campaign manager for Mark Jacobs when I stood in his office just yesterday afternoon in West Des Moines asking whether or not Jacobs would be surveying. You read that right, Mark Jacobs is REFUSING to tell you and me where he stands on

US Senate to NSA: Are you tracking gun owners??

For several years, Iowa Gun Owners’ members have been pushing to repeal the Iowa permit to purchase law on the grounds that having it in place is unconstitutional. Having to obtain a permit to exercise a constitutional right is just backwards. More, it harkens back to the era of “Jim Crow” laws from last century where one group of citizens denied the right to own firearms to another group of

"Mental Health Reform" - Gun Control in Camouflage!

This week the Governor of Florida is being asked to sign HB-1355 into law. HB-1355, a reaction to what happened last year in Connecticut, is similar to legislation proposed in Iowa this year and is something that we may be dealing with again next year. HB-1355 would vastly expand the growing list of “prohibited persons” in Florida who are blocked from possessing firearms – over 100,000 gun owners would lose

The IRS and Your Gun Rights

By now you’ve likely heard about the growing scandal in Washington D.C. The IRS just admitted that they were using the full power of their agency to target conservative political organizations in an attempt to shut them down or keep them from ever getting started. Organizations similar to Iowa Gun Owners, or perhaps your local Tea Party organization, or a regional pro-life organization, have been targeted in a disgusting abuse

Iowa Congressman Dave Loebsack Supporting Gun Control!

Since the day that gun control died in the US Senate last month, we’ve been warning that this fight was not over. President Obama made it clear that it was just the first step in a long process. Vice President Biden said that, “…the political dynamic has changed. So I think we’re going to get this anyway. I think this will pass before the year is out, within this Congress.”

Act Now to Stop the UN Small Arms Treaty!!

The number-one item on President Obama’s anti-gun agenda is anything but dead. And after the Boston bombing, gun-grabbers think they have the perfect excuse right now to RAM the so-called “United Nations’ Small Arms Treaty” down Americans’ throats. With Treaty language finalized by the UN on April 2, 2013, you and I could be headed straight for a showdown in the U.S. Senate in just a matter of weeks. And