Contact Public Safety Chairman Jarad Klein!

We’re less than four months out from Biden’s Executive Order taking effect that will make criminals out of Iowans who have an unregistered 80% lower receiver.

And in six months, tens of millions of Americans, including tens of thousands here in Iowa, are going to have to get an ATF tax stamp to keep their pistol braces or face felony charges.

Of course, these Executive Orders have never been voted on by a single member of Congress. And what’s worse, Joe Biden is counting on forcing Iowa cops to enforce this tyrannical garbage when these orders take effect!

Iowa Gun Owners has worked hard to address this with the Second Amendment Preservation Act, which would force Iowa cops to enforce Iowa law when it comes to guns, ammunition, and accessories.

This is the law right now, in Missouri, and it’s working beautifully to safeguard gun owners from Biden’s tyrannical agenda.

SAPA is constitutional, backed up by the 10th Amendment and hundreds of years of Supreme Court precedent.

SAPA doesn’t violate the Supremacy Clausebecause it doesn’t limit what the federal government can do here in Iowa. It simply says that Iowa isn’t going to lift a finger to help them do it.

SAPA is pro law enforcement, it protects them from having to be forced to enforce unconstitutional gun control edicts or lose their job. That’s why the Carroll County Attorney is calling on the legislature to pass it. See more here.

That’s why when Representative Jeff Shipley filed the Second Amendment Preservation Act earlier this session, he had one-third of the Republican caucus on board as cosponsors!

Despite all of this, the House Public Safety Committee Chairman Jarad Klein is refusing to hold a sub-committee for this bill. And that’s why I hope you’ll contact Klein immediately and insist that he stop blocking H.F. 2303!

>>> Call or text Rep. Klein at 515-689-5430 <<<

>>> Email Rep. Klein at [email protected] <<<

Your message to Klein is very simple: Iowans don’t want our cops and our tax dollars used to enforce any part of Joe Biden’s war on gun owners. And we’re tired of the Public Safety Committee holding back H.F. 2303 which would accomplish that!

Contact Rep. Klein immediately, as we are running out of time to advance this bill through the committee process.