Gun Free Zone

Madison County Joins Woodbury in Lifting Weapons Ban!

As we told you last week, Woodbury County recently voted to lift their “Gun Free Zone” policies in accordance with the new Iowa code which took effect this past weekend. Throughout that 90 minute discussion, those who were testifying in support of violating Iowa law and maintaining the weapons ban made much of the fact that they were unaware of any other county who was trying to do this. Well,

Woodbury County Lifts Gun Ban!

As we told you earlier this week, the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday night to discuss their weapons policy in light of the new gun laws that take effect this weekend. Thanks in part to your calls and emails, I’m pleased to report that the Council voted 3-1 to overturn their previous ‘Gun Free Zone’ policies! In light of this, Iowa Gun Owners is being FLOODED with calls,

What's at Stake in Iowa If We Don't Fight?

I know we’ve been reaching out to you a lot over the last couple of weeks, giving you the facts about where the candidates stand on your right to keep and bear arms, before many of you make decisions on who to support this fall. With early voting becoming an increasingly large segment of the total votes cast, it’s essential that we get this vital information into the hands of

Iowa State Fair: Closed to Gun Owners!

They called it “Beat Whitey Night” at the Iowa State Fair. On August 20, 2010, a group of 30-40 young thugs roamed Iowa’s State Fairgrounds looking for targets . . . Multiple fairgoers found themselves victims of horrific beatings and violent assaults. But 36 year-old Jammie Carroll may have had it the worst. He ran into the mob as he left the Fair looking for his car, but Jammie left


Aren’t you sick and tired of hearing politicians, here in Iowa and across the country, point the finger at you and me every time some criminal with a gun commits a crime? It’s a familiar mantra now in America. Before the blood dries, they rush to the nearest camera crew and demonize the millions and millions of law abiding Americans who carry a firearm every day to defend themselves and

Iowa Gun Owners is Seeking County Coordinators in your County!

“That’s all I know for now, I’ll let you take it from there,” said an IGO member who called our office last year. That’s how the ball got rolling in North Liberty, last fall, as Iowa Gun Owners went on to stop another town- based gun ban that was in the works. Honestly, almost every single one of the gun bans we have stopped over the last couple of years

Iowa: The City of Hubbard Moves on Your Gun Rights!

Folks, it’s happening again! Please take time and read this article in full, and take action as soon as possible! If you’ve been with Iowa Gun Owners for some time now, you know that we fight hard to expose gun control in the back chambers of the committee rooms here in Des Moines. However, gun control advocates don’t just hang out in the State House – but in City Councils

Victory in North Liberty!

We did it again! Last night, in the heart of the traditionally liberal bastion of Johnson Co., North Liberty joined the ranks of other towns like Nevada, George, North Burlington, Dubuque, Kalona and others who walked into a grassroots buzz-saw when they tried to crack down on the 2nd Amendment! From day one, it was clear to us that Mayor Amy Nielson was ready to “go to the mat” with

Iowa: North Liberty is Trying To Disarm You at Tomorrow Night's Council Meeting!

The city fathers in North Liberty, IA, are hoping that you do not read this email. They are desperately trying to hammer through a sweeping gun ban on city property during TOMORROW NIGHT’S council meeting with no one finding out, the third such attempted local gun ban in the state in the last couple of months! They are trying to sneak this gun ban through tomorrow, hoping that your attention

Immediate Help Needed - Kalona City Council Trying to Ban Guns on City Property!

I need your help. Please read this article in its entirety and take immediate action! If you’ve been involved with Iowa Gun Owners for any length of time, you’ll know how hard we fight to expose insider gun control deals being hashed out in committee rooms in the State Capitol – but also those being considered in quiet small town City Council chambers across our state. Thanks to our over