Assault Weapons Ban!

In the wake of the Florida shooting, the radical gun-grabbers in Washington D.C. are moving as fast as they can to ‘cash in’ in any way they can. That’s exactly what is happening with Senator Feinstein’s newly filed Assault Weapons Ban, a bill that would specifically ban 196 different firearms! 196! And this isn’t just a listing of exotic firearms; this listing includes rifles, handguns, and shotguns. Of course, with

Gun Control in the Iowa Legislature!

Iowa State Representative Ako Abdul-Samad never learns, and neither do his anti-gun friends in Des Moines! Despite the absolutely crushing defeat that anti-gun legislators took at the polls last November, Rep. Samad is ‘doubling down’ on his attempts to pass gun control here in Iowa. I hope you’ll help me send a message to the gun-control crowd in Des Moines that gun owners didn’t fall asleep the day after the