Senate Floor Vote Expected on Stand-Your-Ground TOMORROW!

This is it! After years of battling with an anti-gun State Senate led by the notorious Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal — the fight for Stand-Your-Ground law will hit the Senate floor tomorrow according to multiple sources! While we won’t know for certain for a few more hours, I need you to take immediate action! With your help, we’ve been firing on all cylinders this session, hammering away on the

Major Developments on Stand-Your-Ground Legislation!

I know that it’s Monday morning and everyone’s still buzzing at the biggest Super Bowl comeback of all time last night, but I need you to read this and take action! As we reported to you last week, Stand-Your-Ground law has been filed by Senator Rick Bertrand and is awaiting cosponsors. We’ve been asking you for some time now via email, Facebook live videos, and direct mail to contact your