Rick Bertrand

2017 Gun Rights Legislative Wrap Up - Part 3

(This is the third part in our 2017 legislative wrap-up series. If you missed the first two parts in this series, you can find them here and here.) Part Three: Senate Action! With Stand-Your-Ground law having cleared the House, including the criminal immunity language that we fought so hard for, the fight moved into the Senate. Of course, in the past, any attempt to advance Stand-Your-Ground law through the Senate

Stand-Your-Ground Law is Ready for Co-Sponsors!

Since the day that Steve Sodders and Mike Gronstal were bounced out of the Iowa Senate, we’ve been focused on two issues: Stand-Your-Ground law and Constitutional Carry. Stopped just two votes short of passage in the anti-gun State Senate for the past two years, Stand-Your-Ground law died on the vine despite a massive grassroots push. That’s why I’m pleased to announce that Stand-Your-Ground law is redrafted and is now ready

Gun Vote Likely Coming Today in Iowa Senate!

This is time sensitive! There are likely votes coming today so please take a moment to read this and take immediate action! As you know, for months now the Iowa Senate has been blocking Stand-Your-Ground (SF137) and Constitutional Carry (SF400) legislation from moving forward in the Senate Judiciary Committee. This despite tens of thousands of calls, emails, Facebook messages and more from gun owners across the state all demanding just

Stand-Your-Ground: Help Us Build Momentum In The House!

The gun-grabbers are FURIOUS — and you’re the reason why! You see, the petitions, phone calls and emails from pro-Second Amendment patriots like you from all over Iowa are working. Just days after State Senator Rick Bertrand (R-Sioux City) introduced the Iowa Stand-Your-Ground Bill (H.F. 52/S.F. 137), 24 cosponsors signed on. That’s just two Senate votes shy of a Senate majority! With anti-gun Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal still calling