Senator Daryl Beall

Insider Games and Fear at the Capitol in Des Moines

“No one wants to be the next Daryl Beall.” That’s what one capitol insider reported to me in the Capitol this week as gun bills began to move through the House and Senate Committees. Anti-gun legislators are scared. They should be. In 2014, many of them were removed from office after Iowa Gun Owners revealed the truth about their hostility towards the 2nd Amendment. Daryl Beall, a long time anti-gun

Fighting For You!

       If you’ve been involved in the fight for gun rights for more than about 5 minutes, you’ve experienced the frustration that comes when an anti-gun politician arrogantly sneers at you when you ask him/her why they voted against a pro-gun bill. Believe me, it’s happened to me many times in the Iowa Capitol in the early days of Iowa Gun Owners. You see, anti-gun legislators believe that they can