Urgent Update on SAPA Legislation in Des Moines!

I’ve got good news, and I’ve got bad news.

First, the good news. Thanks to your calls, emails, and petitions, the Second Amendment Preservation Act is moving in the Iowa State Senate. In fact, the bill (S.F. 2002) has already passed the Judiciary Committee Sub-Committee!

And in the House, Rep. Jeff Shipley is getting a strong number of co-sponsors on the companion bill that he will be filing for us very shortly.

Just like our previously successful fights for Stand-Your-Ground law and Constitutional Carry, the Second Amendment Preservation Act is moving because of the grassroots pressure that is being applied by the members of Iowa Gun Owners!

As you know, the Second Amendment Preservation Act is the most important tool that we have in defeating Joe Biden’s war against gun owners in ‘Red America.’

You see, gun owners have stopped Biden’s Congressional gun control agenda for the moment. He can’t even get all of the Senate Democrats to back his agenda, let alone convince ten Republicans to join him.

That’s why Biden is turning to Executive Orders, hoping that he can continue his onslaught against gun owners that way. In fact, his first two orders are set to take effect VERY SOON!

But Biden’s handlers have a problem.

You see, they are counting on state and local law enforcement to enforce these tyrannical orders. And if we pass SAPA law here in Iowa, then Iowa cops will ONLY enforce Iowa’s gun laws — and Biden’s plan will collapse under its own weight!   


You see, despite what some in the Capitol are saying, SAPA legislation doesn’t challenge federal authority or the Supremacy Clause in the U.S. Constitution. Nor does SAPA maintain that Biden doesn’t have the authority to advance Executive Orders.

SAPA just says that the State of Iowa disagrees with Biden’s gun control agenda, and that as a sovereign state, we are not going to let Biden force our troopers, deputies, or municipal police officers to carry out his mandates!    

This is exactly what Missouri did last session. In fact, having helped write Missouri’s law I can tell you that we’ve based our legislation on the exact same language.

But more than that, this is exactly what the radical left did to President Trump.

You see, for four years, President Trump tried to deport violent illegal aliens who had been convicted of violent felony crimes against Americans. And rather than assist him, ‘blue’ cities and states offered sanctuary to these predators!

By refusing to cooperate, the left shut down Trump’s agenda. And if the left could assert their sovereignty to aid violent illegal aliens, the Iowa legislature can damn sure assert their sovereignty to aid law abiding gun owners!


But all of this progress could evaporate if moderates in the State Senate have their way and run a harmful amendment on S.F. 2002 — which they are expected to try to do!

You see, what makes the Second Amendment Preservation Act so powerful is the fact that we’ve built teeth into the bill.

It’s a given that if we pass SAPA legislation without teeth, police departments and sheriff’s departments in Iowa’s liberal cities and counties would blatantly ignore it.

That’s why our bill has a civil fine of $50,000 in it. So if the Iowa City Police Department (for example) orders their officers to violate SAPA and enforce Biden’s impending Executive Orders, impacted gun owners in Iowa City could sue that agency!

No, the individual officer would not be liable for anything. But their department would be facing civil fines for each item that they confiscated!

The reality is that the insurance underwriters for these agencies would order them to follow the law or risk losing their department’s insurance policy. This is the ‘teeth’ that we’ve put into SAPA, and this is why it’s such a powerful bill!

And this part of the bill, these civil penalties, are the part that the RINOs in Des Moines want to cut out of the bill.

Make no mistake: if these penalties are removed, then SAPA will become nothing more than a paper tiger and liberal police departments across our state will violate it at will.   

That’s why I hope you will immediately sign the petition that we have prepared for you, urging Senate Judiciary Chairman Brad Zaun and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Steve Holt to reject this or any similar amendment.


(To be clear, the House version hasn’t been assigned to a committee as of this moment. But based on how things work in Des Moines, we fully expect the House version to go to Judiciary.)

When you’ve completed the petition, I hope that you will consider a generous donation as well. As you know, Iowa Gun Owners doesn’t have an American-hating billionaire in NYC or in Europe funding us the way the gun-grabbers do.

Our sole source of funding is from gun owners like you, who know that if we lose our gun rights, there is NO getting them back and that our children and grandchildren will pay the price for our inaction.

With your support, Iowa Gun Owners will be rolling out a major operation to crank up the heat on the legislature. Our goal is to make sure that SAPA moves forward, with NO weakening amendments! This program will consist of:

>>>  Producing a series of the hard-hitting digital and social media ads that IGO is so well known for, ensuring that every gun owner in the State of Iowa is aware of this fight and contacting their State Representative and State Senator!

These ads are extremely cost efficient, allowing us to activate tens of thousands of gun owners fast.

>>>  Increasing the size of our email and direct mail programs to mobilize IGO members and other gun owners! One of the main benefits of these programs are that they are uncensorable!  

And our unrivaled email program allows gun owners to put pressure on their State Representative and State Senator with just a few mouse clicks!

>>>  Preparing targeted radio ad campaigns that we can unveil when needed, to crank up the heat at a moment’s notice!

These programs are expensive, but nothing activates large numbers of gun owners quicker than a radio ad blitz, and they were very effective in last year’s Constitutional Carry fight.

This program has just one purpose: to make sure that every politician in Des Moines knows that gun owners want them to co-sponsor this bill and to pass it WITHOUT any harmful amendments!   

But running this program after we spent so much of our reserves passing Constitutional Carry last year is going to be tough.

That’s why I hope that when you sign your petition you’ll also include a generous donation of $75 or even $100 to help us run the program I outlined above.

Gun owners here in Iowa have completely reshaped Iowa politics over the last fifteen years: passing Shall Issue, Stand-Your-Ground, Constitutional Carry and a dozen other smaller gun bills at the same time.

But without SAPA, these advancements could go up in smoke!

So if you can’t afford a donation of $75 or $100, please consider $75, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford today.


Things are moving fast in Des Moines — please send me your signed petition and include a generous gift right away!

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. SAPA is on the move in Des Moines, but if the moderates in the Capitol weaken it by removing the teeth in this bill, then SAPA will be nothing more than a paper tiger.

So please sign the petitions we’ve prepared for you, urging Senate Judiciary Chairman Brad Zaun and House Judiciary Chairman Steve Holt to advance SAPA without weakening it with harmful amendments!


And after you sign it, please include a very generous gift of $100, $75, $50 or at least $25 so that we can crank up the heat in Des Moines! Please be generous!