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Senator Grassley NEEDS to hear from you!

As I type this, the US Senate Judiciary Committee is about to meet to discuss a whole host of radical, anti-gun proposals put together by President Obama and his staff. Everything is on the table today. Everything. Before we alert you to the details of the bill, you need to understand the political backdrop we are facing. The anti-gun forces in Washington know that they need some bi-partisan support for

Most Dangerous Anti-Gun Bill of 2013 Introduced in Des Moines!

While the snow in Des Moines may have sent the General Assembly home early this week – they did not go home without dropping the most dangerous bill of this legislative session into play. The gun-grabbers in Iowa have been hearing from you, loud and clear. They know that you are watching their every move when it comes to the ban on transferring “high cap” mags. Their proposal to mandate

Iowa's Anti-Gunners Attack "High-Cap" Magazines!!

This is urgent. Please take a moment to read this email carefully and take action immediately. As you know, the gun grabbers nationwide are working overtime now to cram gun control down our throats in the wake of the recent mass shootings that have occurred. We’ve watched our friends in other states lose their gun rights – this year – through their state general assembly. Here in Iowa, we’ve enjoyed

Urgent Alert - New Law in Iowa Would Establish Massive Gun Registry!

Like many of you, I will never forget the first gun that my grandfather gave to me as a youth. For me, it was a little single shot, breech-loading .410 shotgun. This gun had been in Grandpa’s family for a long time, and I still remember opening the box on Christmas afternoon and looking in disbelief at the gun laying there. I remember walking out behind the grain bins on

"Universal Background Check" Schemes

There is no way to enforce a “Universal Background Check” scheme without government keeping records of all firearms and firearm owners.   So-called “Universal Background Check” schemes are nothing more than a guise for gun registration and gun registration is the first step to outright gun confiscation.  “Universal Background Check” schemes would turn fathers and grandfathers into felons for handing down a hunting shotgun to their sons. Click here to sign

Mental health reform in Iowa and your rights...

Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee met to discuss mental health reform in Iowa. Democrat Wally Horn (D-35) asked about ways that the legislature can “preemptively stop” the next mass shooting incident by adjusting the mental health laws. I shudder just thinking about that…the government deciding, IN ADVANCE, who is likely to commit a crime. Like every law abiding Iowa gun owner, the last thing I want is for someone who

Iowa's Elite Anti-Gun Lobby

This week as I stood in the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting watching the committee discussing mental health reform and gun control, I saw a sadly familiar sight. The most unified and organized anti-gun lobby force in the state was out in force: the Iowa State Sheriff’s and Deputies Association (ISSDA). The ISSDA was there doing what they do best, using the intimidation factor of their uniform to tell the General

Enter to Win a FREE AR-15

Dear Friends, As Iowa Gun Owners prepares to meet the gun grabbers in Iowa head on this legislative session to prevent any attacks on our 2nd Amendment rights, we need to increase the size of our grassroots army. As part of that process, it gives me great pleasure to announce that IGO is giving away a FREE AR-15 rifle! CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE DRAWING This is the exact weapon

Oppose the Semi-Auto Ban in Iowa: Sign the Petition!

“We have to start making radical changes…it’s time to start taking them.” I was stunned. This was what Representative Dan Mulbauer (D-Manilla) said this week in an interview with a central Iowa newspaper when talking about the guns that you and I use for self-defense every day. While the national media and notorious federal gun grabbers are laying the groundwork now to try to pass a new ban on “assault

Nationwide Gun Registration

President Obama Blatantly Ignores the Truth Behind Recent Mass Shootings, in Attempt to Set Up Nationwide Gun Registration “By ignoring the reality of so called Gun Free Zones, President Obama just ensured that fewer and fewer law abiding Americans will have the means to defend themselves from violent criminal attack.” – Aaron Dorr, Executive Director, Iowa Gun Owners (Des Moines, Iowa) – In a stunning display of hypocrisy, President Obama