Gun Rights

Gun Vote Likely Coming Today in Iowa Senate!

This is time sensitive! There are likely votes coming today so please take a moment to read this and take immediate action! As you know, for months now the Iowa Senate has been blocking Stand-Your-Ground (SF137) and Constitutional Carry (SF400) legislation from moving forward in the Senate Judiciary Committee. This despite tens of thousands of calls, emails, Facebook messages and more from gun owners across the state all demanding just

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Moments ago, I finished a long phone call with our chief bill sponsor in the Iowa State Senate, Senator Rick Bertrand, about the current status of Stand-Your-Ground law here in Iowa. And I can tell you this, as a result of all your phone calls, Facebook messages, emails, and personal visits with your legislator at weekend forums – the anti-gun members of the Iowa Senate are in a complete tizzy.

Fighting For You!

       If you’ve been involved in the fight for gun rights for more than about 5 minutes, you’ve experienced the frustration that comes when an anti-gun politician arrogantly sneers at you when you ask him/her why they voted against a pro-gun bill. Believe me, it’s happened to me many times in the Iowa Capitol in the early days of Iowa Gun Owners. You see, anti-gun legislators believe that they can