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Iowa Gun Owners Calls Out Mike Gronstal!

Mike Gronstal. Almost every gun owner across the state of Iowa recognizes the name of Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal as being synonymous with blockading almost every pro-gun bill that has been introduced in the Iowa State Senate for almost a decade. Constitutional Carry? Gronstal killed it. The Firearms Freedom Act? Gronstal blocked it. Suppressor legislation? Gronstal says NO! Now, Mike Gronstal is doing everything he can to stop Stand-Your-Ground

Update on Stand-Your-Ground in Iowa!

Over the last couple of weeks, thanks to countless numbers of phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages to your legislators, the grassroots support of Stand-Your-Ground has exploded all across the state! Legislators are hearing from voters like you, all throughout their districts, about how you expect them to defend your right to defend yourself during the 2015 legislative session. Moments ago, I got off the phone with our allies at

Stand-Your-Ground: Help Us Build Momentum In The House!

The gun-grabbers are FURIOUS — and you’re the reason why! You see, the petitions, phone calls and emails from pro-Second Amendment patriots like you from all over Iowa are working. Just days after State Senator Rick Bertrand (R-Sioux City) introduced the Iowa Stand-Your-Ground Bill (H.F. 52/S.F. 137), 24 cosponsors signed on. That’s just two Senate votes shy of a Senate majority! With anti-gun Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal still calling