2nd Amendment

Renew Your Support in the 2nd Amendment for 2017!

On November 8, 2016, the people of this country set off the equivalent of a political nuclear bomb in America. As the results poured in, sneering elitists in the press saw their predictions of a Hillary Clinton presidency proved wrong. And gun-grabbers’ heads all over this great nation — including right here in Iowa — soon began exploding. I know you’re aware of what happened nationally. But the results here

Iowa Gun Owners

As we prepare for the 2017 legislative session, I wanted to make sure you had a chance to visit our brand new website located at www.IowaGunOwners.org! This totally redesigned website will be an important tool as we organize and mobilize gun owners here in Iowa next year, with the goal of passing both Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground law. At the top of the new site, you’ll be able to sign

Iowa: Stand Your Ground Blocked by Senate Leadership!

It all comes down to control of the Iowa Senate. Yesterday, your right to bear arms suffered a blow because the radical anti-gunners who control the Senate, Majority leader Mike Gronstal and President Pro-Tem Steve Sodders, are terrified of allowing a vote on Stand-Your-Ground legislation. It’s simple. They have members of their caucus who would support this legislation and many who would not. Some of those who would vote no

Gun Vote Likely Coming Today in Iowa Senate!

This is time sensitive! There are likely votes coming today so please take a moment to read this and take immediate action! As you know, for months now the Iowa Senate has been blocking Stand-Your-Ground (SF137) and Constitutional Carry (SF400) legislation from moving forward in the Senate Judiciary Committee. This despite tens of thousands of calls, emails, Facebook messages and more from gun owners across the state all demanding just

Insider Games and Fear at the Capitol in Des Moines

“No one wants to be the next Daryl Beall.” That’s what one capitol insider reported to me in the Capitol this week as gun bills began to move through the House and Senate Committees. Anti-gun legislators are scared. They should be. In 2014, many of them were removed from office after Iowa Gun Owners revealed the truth about their hostility towards the 2nd Amendment. Daryl Beall, a long time anti-gun

Iowa: State Senate Trying to KILL Stand-Your-Ground!

Whether or not our Iowa General Assembly passes Stand-Your-Ground into law this legislative session could very well depend on what happens in the next five minutes. I hate to be this blunt. But I need responses from 100% of Iowa Gun Owners’ members and supporters to help me turn up the heat on two key Iowa State Senators IMMEDIATELY. As you’ll see below, I’ve prepared special petitions to Senate Majority

Will You Help Us Keep These Ads Running In Iowa?

Moments ago, I finished a long phone call with our chief bill sponsor in the Iowa State Senate, Senator Rick Bertrand, about the current status of Stand-Your-Ground law here in Iowa. And I can tell you this, as a result of all your phone calls, Facebook messages, emails, and personal visits with your legislator at weekend forums – the anti-gun members of the Iowa Senate are in a complete tizzy.